How to Consign Toys & Baby Equipment

The step-by-step guide to toy & baby equipment consignment

1.  Appointment!   All consignment at RePlay requires an appointment. Appointments are generally 2-3 weeks after you call, so we recommend that you call early!  Remember, up to 20 items per appointment!  Please ask which items are “hot” and which we aren’t taking. 

2. Paperwork! At each appointment, you will need completed paperwork. At your first appointment, you will need to
download and sign the. Consignment Agreement At every appointment, you will need to download and complete the Inventory Intake Form

3. Box or Bag!  The toys and equipment should be in a bag or box (if they’ll fit). 

4. Label! Please label the bag or tub only! If you have larger items, then please label those too. Please only use masking tape for a label. Stronger tapes leave sticky residue that has to be cleaned before the toys can be sold! 


5. Bagging Items! Please secure any small detachable parts or pieces in a clear ziptop bag.  Bulk items, such as Legos or train tracks should also be bagged in clear ziptop bags.  Unsure how you should bag your items?  Call us! 

6. Drop off!  When your appointment arrives, please bring your toys, baby equipment and completed paperwork. Your appointment is drop off only! 

We hope that all your toys are CLEAN, in GOOD CONDITION and not recalled! Within 24 hours, we will have reviewed your items and let you know if there are any items we cannot consign.