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We could tell you how we are friends and sisters and mothers. We could tell you about how we wanted to do our part to save the environment by finding a new way to recycle toys.

We could even tell you that we were interested in doing charity and giving back to our community.

But that doesn’t tell you that we are yard sale junkies! We go to save a little money but really, we go to yard sales for the fun of searching out the great deals. We buy toys, house wares, clothes … whatever! We have held yard sales selling all the same things. We love the commerce, we love the sale!

One summer Saturday, driving to our tenth yard sale of the day, we realized that we could open a store where those who share our passion for great deals could buy and sell their toys. And as we developed this idea further and further, we thought of ways that we could recycle toys, bringing new life and fun to old toys as well as helping our environment. We also realized that we could help our community’s local charities with donated toys and support.

And of course, we are sisters, we are friends and we are mothers. We each have three children, each having 2 boys and 1 girl. We are wives of very supportive husbands, who have gone to yard sales with us, and (even better) stayed home with the kids so we could yard sale together.

Do you have a little “yard sale junkie” inside you? We bet you do! Come to RePlay Toys and buy and sell toys for your children and grandchildren. And while you’re here, help the environment and local charities, too!

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